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I believe that nurture is the single most impactful thing small businesses can do to improve their bottom line without spending an extra penny.
These are the 5 most important lessons from my time designing and building marketing systems in the automation trenches.
It’s easy for stuff to pile up inside Infusionsoft, this 21 point checklist should give you a running start for tidying things up.

Build an Email Preferences Center

The Secret to Infusionsoft Reporting

About this site

When I set out to build this membership area I recorded everything just in case it turned into something helpful, and, well, it turned into a documentary. If you’re curious about how this site was built, what tools we used, and who worked on it, then this is for you. Watch Documentary.


I know, it’s a little nerdy. But for the right person this thing is hyper valuable. Ready to watch the rest of The Migration?

Email FAQ

Infusionsoft is the most powerful marketing automation tool I’ve ever encountered, and at the core of that functionality is the ability to send emails. Almost everyone I know sends emails, but I find that less than half actually understand the process that happens after you click send.

And as you might imagine, it’s a little more complex than some people realize. And you may not know this yet, but there are some very important steps you can and should be taking to ensure that the emails you send are safely arriving in the inbox of the person you’re sending them to.

If you use Infusionsoft you should download this guide – even if you don’t think you have an issue of any kind, this free guide will be a hugely beneficial resource for you.

What is an SPF record?

Here is the link mentioned in the above video to learn more about setting up an SPF record. And here’s another resource you can use to check whether or not yours has been correctly configured.

Here’s a video walk-through of when I set  up the SPF record for my own business. I use BlueHost, but if you use another major hosting provider you may find the documentation here useful:

What is DKIM?

In addition to having an SPF record set up, you’ll also want to create a domain key, which is another type of digital signature to help your email deliverability.

Here’s the information Infusionsoft has on their help center regarding this subject. And here’s the best article I’ve seen on the subject from the original Infusionsoft Mastermind Jordan Hatch.

Now, this stuff can be rather technical, so if this isn’t your wheelhouse, and you don’t want to risk messing it up, that’s fine – you can totally hire someone to get this sorted out for you. I can happily recommend Mark Penney from Meppy, or Adrian Savage from WeDeliver.Email.

Pausing a Campaign

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