Lifecycle Marketing

Customer Journey Mapping

Er, what is Lifecycle Marketing anyway?

Lifecycle Marketing is a framework – it can be used to design a new experience, or if applied to an existing process it can help you identify which parts of the customer journey haven’t been given enough attention.

Let’s take the “purchase” for example, it’s a pretty critical milestone, right?

But it’s still only PART of their overall experience.

Lifecycle marketing breaks the customer journey down into stages so you can evaluate what is happening at each step along the way.

Something happened before they bought; and something will happen afterward.

Lifecycle marketing is about taking the guesswork out of the journey they’re already having; it’s about designing the experience you want your customers to have.

Lifecycle Marketing Conversation and Example:

Once you’ve walked through the Lifecycle Marketing stages, you should have a clearer idea of what to expect during each stage of the customer’s journey.

Odds are that it won’t be perfect at first, but remember that having something planned is better than nothing..

If this process makes sense to you, then the next step is refine the experience. Take stock of the current reality for each stage, and then ask yourself what should it look like.

Once you’ve ironed out the process, then you’re ready to build automation into the journey to standardize the experience.

The tool I recommend for this is the Campaign Builder.

If you’re looking to get more comfortable with the campaign builder, then I recommend checking out the CB: Trilogy. It’s a three-part series designed to help Infusionsoft users build campaigns with confidence.

I wrote a blog post laying out the formula I use to walk through a customer journey, and compare it to the Lifecycle Marketing stages. If you’d like to see this process in action, or you want a resource you can use as a guide, check out this blog post.

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