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Finishing School

Leveling up your existing campaigns

Thanks for checking out the Campaign Builder Finishing School training. This was originally recorded to be an ‘automated webinar’, but I’ve since decided to give you more flexibility and just host it as a video. So, lets ignore the sections where I refer it as a webinar, deal?

Individual Tactics

For your convenience here are individual videos for each of the tactics that were covered in the training above.

HTML Campaign Notes

Tactic one covers using the notes widget on the campaign builder canvas (they support HTML and are more flexible than most people realize).

The Entry Filter

Tactic two talks about using an entry filter to tailor someone’s experience, and prevent repetitive automation.

The Exit Hatch

Tactic number three covers the concept of an exit hatch, which gives your subscribers the ability to opt out of individual campaigns.

Preview Text

Tactic number four covers the use of the preview text function for Infusionsoft emails; and how it can increase opens and encourage engagement.

Muti-Channel Messaging

Tactic number five covers the concept of Multi-Channel messaging – email is an effective way to communicate, but it’s not the only medium.

Wondering what to do next?

The One Conversation

Expertise on demand

And just because I like ya, here are a few bonus tactics.

Bonus Tactics

Split Testing Campaigns

This bonus tactic is all about split testing your campaigns – sometimes small tweaks can create a meaningful impact on your results.

Campaign Merge Fields and Links

This bonus tactic covers one of my favorite “hidden” features, campaign merge fields and links. When used properly these can save you tons of time when editing or copying campaigns.